Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Trucker Looks at 40

           I will be turning 40 shortly.  I do not feel that old.  I almost feel like these might be some of the best years of my life.  Sure my joints ache in the cold and my muscles are sore at the end of the day.  But alot of those pains are the results of years of hard work and harder play.  Some of my ails can easily be traced back to years of sports and some to the many hours of physical labor through all types of weather.  Other symptoms could be laid at the doorstep of fatigue, or burning the candle at both ends.  Still others could be attributed to the abuse I inflicted on my liver (and other organs), as well as my brain, through never-ending parties, probably most of my 20's & a good dose of 30's (the kids slowed me some towards the end).
          I can honestly say I hold no regrets.  I wear each scar proudly.  I bear each pain with a good sense of accomplishment.  I earned each and every one.  These aches have built me a family, founded a family farm, and gave me all I could ever ask for.  I know this aging body has a lot left in it and I fully intend to squeeze every last breath of life out of it before I am done.
          However, looking forward, I will not waste anymore energy on useless pursuits.  I refuse to sacrifice my pain for the ignorance of others.  My experiences were too hard won to be given lightly over to the undeserving.  I will keep this body strong for my growing daughters, and the trials (and bad dates and stupid boys) that lie ahead of them.  I will keep this mind sharp for the challenges of establishing a legacy for my family, both young and old.  I will keep my heart true for the love that stands the test of time beside me.  I will not go quietly into....anything.
           The years behind me are gone but the memories will linger for a long time, hopefully not just in my mind but in all those who were a part of those memories.  The years ahead are all memories in the making, and I fully intend to have them linger long after I have faded away.

Happy Birthday
To all the years ahead
and the memories that are on the horizon.

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