Wednesday, January 4, 2012


            The coming of a new year brings the avalanche of resolution suggestions.  Everywhere you turn is another advertisement, commercial, or article about what to do in the coming year.  It is time to diet.  It is time to save.  It is time to make changes at work, at home, in the world.  Their is a resolution around every corner just waiting for attention.  And as quickly as these resolutions are made is just how quickly we depart from them.  I am not one to make New Year's resolutions.  I never have been.  But this year is different and I am making one.  My resolution is to be realistic.
            I am not going to diet.  I am "big boned" and perhaps too short for my size.  But I am not about to give up food and drink.  I'm being realistic.  I may try to be healthier and I will definitely increase my exercise but not at the expense of beer and wine and good, wholesome fired foods and pasta.  I have already traded up to EVOO for frying and bought an infra-red fryer, but I'm not dropping proteins, carbs, or anything else.  I refuse to set myself up for failure.
             Forget about saving.  The economy can tank.  The banks can collapse.  I will continue to work.  I will always find a way to provide for my family.  I will take on any task necessary in order to ensure their comfort.  But I will not forgo the occasional "night out" or the "one thing" the kids "want so bad" in order to put money in the institutions that are causing most of my economic agony.  I have never been a saver.  I am more of an indulger but I work damn hard for that indulgence.  I do not see myself sticking to a Scrooge's resolution.  It could only end in failure.
            I can not change anything about work.  It is a place of indifference.  The people are stuck in their small-minded way of thinking, each after their own selfish agenda.  Perhaps this is the sole reason we do not prosper?  It is not for me to figure out.  I have come to the stoic realization that if people wanted change, they would.  And so I have resolved to be realistic and not try to change anything but merely attend my station.
            And so I have made a resolution to do nothing, to change nothing, and, in doing so, fail at nothing.  In my attempt at keeping this resolution, I hope that the people around me realize my new indifference, my lack of ambition, and the general sucking of life effect they have had on me.  I hope they see my resignation and air of defeat as a sign of the dismal future ahead.  Hopefully, this realization brings about a small change, a glimmer of hope.  And if not, maybe everyone will just leave me alone to indulge my diet and continue being realistic.  I guess, it's a win-win.

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