Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Embracing the Fall

     As the leaves begin to fall, we take a break from the everyday chores to spend some time embracing the coming of Halloween.  This past weekend we put down the rakes and hammers and shovels.  We let the weed whackers go untouched and the lawnmower was silent.  Instead we, as a family, grandparents, grandkids, and parents, gathered the materials to build a tree ghost out by the mailbox.  Sure the day before we needed to clear the logging road to the cabin and cut the downed trees into firewood, but those chores rewarded us with the perfect stump and base for our five foot tree ghost that would haunt the outside of our home.  It wasn't just a rotten tree stump but a wonderfully enjoyable project for everyone to participate in.  A drill, some extra branches for arms, an old hat, a forgotten set of decorative plastic eyes for the garden and a repurposed LED light brought life to that stump.  It was a pleasant surprise to take a break before the football games kicked off the feeding frenzy of snacks and not worry about chores and embrace the Halloween spirit.  We placed the first pumpkin of the season and planted the anticipation of pumpkins yet to come.  October has just begun and already we are feeling the glow of Autumn.  I can not wait for the campfires and Jack o'lanterns and wings and beer on Sunday afternoons.  Shortly the spooky movies as the sun disappears will begin to dominate the TV programming and hopefully the owls will once again visit in the darkness and fill the cold night with screeches and haunting hoots.  Hopefully this will not be the last weekend where chores give way to Halloween projects and Fall creeps deeper in.  May the fun and spirit of Autumn embrace everyone like a great big hug from a tree man along the road.

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