Wednesday, January 1, 2014


     I write these words mostly for myself.  I share them mostly in the hopes that maybe just one person will see them and be entertained, be touched somehow, feel something.  I do not think my words are any more or less important than anyone else's but they are mine and they are important to me.  I take pride in my words and take ownership of them.  And why wouldn't I?
    With this in mind, I do not understand the collapse of our language, of our society's skill in communication.  The language we, collectively, have spent most of our childhood practicing, being graded on, that our further education is, was, and will continue to be based on has devolved into anagrams, some even misspelled.  We are quickly becoming the mindless zombie horde we so fear.  Sunday night's popular TV programming will be reality sooner than most realize.  Most of our modern communication has been shortened to mere letters, dropping vowels, or entire words.  We are digressing back to grunts, clicks, sounds.
     Everyday throughout social media we are exposed to self-proclaimed leaders, instructors, role models, life-changers.  Each trying to get their message out there.  Each fighting to make a "difference" in the world, in their community, in their universe.  Yet none care about the actual message.  I have witnessed the gibberish of the message, the butchered words, the convoluted sentences.  Are the words not as important as the message?  Is the message so important that one can not take the time to convey it correctly?  Are their "smart phones" and "spell-check" buttons broken?  Is the Internet devoid of dictionaries?  In a world of instantaneous help buttons, are some messages truly so urgent that the seconds it takes to proof read will determine the outcome of the world as we know it?  Wouldn't a true leader take the time to craft the message properly, to deliver the words carefully, caringly, thoughtfully?  Does the message even matter?
      Perhaps, we have already become that mindless horde following the dumbest among us, the ones that failed to spend their childhood learning the words.  And so I write these words mostly for myself.  I know they will not touch too many because they are spelled correctly.  I realize my message will not make it too far, I took the time to craft it.  I will stand against the zombie horde for as long as I can.  Hopefully I will not be standing alone.