Friday, March 1, 2013

Resolutions and Ruts

    Last year was not one of the most memorable.  Some memories were made, but not as many as should have been.  Most of the days, especially as the year aged, blurred and stagnated.  There were family losses and the angry lash outs that come with tragic loss.  There still probably has not been enough time for the wounds to scar over, even as life marches on.  New weights of responsibility and the commitments such weight brings began to pile up and grind away.  The grind is more mental, especially when most of the ailments are mental (and owned by those around you).  Personality conflicts are hard to address when no one is interested in change.  My time in the woods, my sanctuary, grew short.  The time to recharge and refresh became nonexistent.  And the rut grew.  Yet, as always, small hands can perform big things.  And those hands were armed with snowballs and one good frozen projectile to the back of the head was all that was needed.  In that icy explosion, the world was right again and laughter followed..........

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