Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Capitol

    In keeping with the current trend, this past weekend was spent celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouting.  This event called for a road trip to our nation's capitol.  It also called for a crowd of 250,000 scouts.  The whole thing truly put into perspective the scope of Girl Scouts.  My children witnessed first-hand the reach of the organization as they looked out upon the sea of Girl Scouts spread across the National Mall from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  A visit to DC is a trip every family should undertake at least once.  A picture in front of the White House, a stop in front of the Capitol Building, and a walk down the streets our government walks on nearly every day is something to remember.  The Smithsonian Museums (Air & Space being a favorite), the FBI, the Pentagon are all worth the ride.  Within ten blocks, a family can visit Lincoln, the Wall, the WWII Memorial, the Washington Monument, and a whole slew of others.  This particular weekend was even more special because of all the Girl Scouts.
    In keeping with the current trend, the bad must come with the good. Some will complain about the heat, the lack of water, the lack of talent.  Someday people will take responsibility for themselves.  The homeless situation was a little overwhelming but I feel it was a strong lesson for my kids, an important hypocrisy for them to see.  Some "troop leaders" allowed their scouts to cool themselves in the fountains of the memorials, to my entire family's disbelief (Ignorance is still alive and well).  The scales, however, were overwhelmingly tipped toward the side of good.  The crowd was pleasant.  Everyone we passed along the way was smiling and ready with a happy hello.  Again, swaps were the currency and led to many a great conversation under one monument or another.  My kids beamed with pride as they told the story of their swap's creation.  They buzzed with excitement to hear from where each group we encountered traveled from, so many places, faces, people.
    The Girl Scouts must have a secret Beer Badge because the dining room of the Capitol City Brewing Company was overflowing with them as we washed the heat of the day away with some frosty mugs of local brew.  The food wasn't bad either and I would recommend both to anyone visiting DC.  Our trip was a complete success.  The kids saw the vastness of the Girl Scouts and the kindness of many that participate.  They learned of some of the opportunities available to them and that the world is a great big playground.  We visited all these interesting places gathered within walking distance of each other, each filled with stories and questions and answers.  And the seed of wanderlust has been planted and will, hopefully, forever flourish within them.

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