Thursday, May 10, 2012

April Showers

    You may have been wondering where April went.  Well April was full of showers, and it poured...hard.  The previous month was busy.  It had doctors' appointments, back surgeries, physical therapy, and plenty of discomfort.  It also had some outsourcing.  My wife's job was moved to South America and we endured all the good stuff that goes with the loss of employment.  (Big thanks to Big Government.)  It was a rainy season, to say the least.
     But May has turned those storms into wildflowers.  Our job search was painful but more than successful.  The back pain is nearly gone and there is a return to better days, chockful of activities.  Our steps have grown quicker and lighter, our hearts lighter.  We have weathered the rain together, as a family and the sun is now, finally, beginning to shine through the clouds.  I'm still an ornery SOB but I'm smiling a little more each day.  And the adventures can be delayed but the road can not be denied.

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