Friday, March 16, 2012


            Some thoughts on friends and friendship...

Friends give because they want to.
Friends give because they can.
Friends give sometimes even if they can't.
Friends never expect anything in return.  They never give with expectations.  They give with anticipation.  The anticipation of a smile or a laugh or the happiness of a moment. 
There is no price on friends, some things are priceless. 
Pride is not a part of friendship, unless it is the pride in the worth of the friend.
Friends stand by and wait with patience.
There is no why in friends, just a "What can I do?"
There is no time limit on friendship, years may pass but good friends don't.
You can't pick family but friends are a choice, choose wisely.
In the end, true friends are honest.  They can hurt.  They can heal.  But they are always there.  Sometimes we need a good, swift kick in the ass.  That's what a friend is for.

To my friends tonight, it is not the price but the time and the moments shared.  Do not forget there may be tomorrow but there will never be another today.  Grab it, hold it, share it with a friend.

That's why beer is sold in even numbers, they are meant to be shared.
(or double-fisted to forget the loneliness).

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