Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blue Mountain & Pinnacle Ridge

            The two longest drives of the tour were behind us.  The weather had taken a most pleasant turn.  And we were turning into the Blue Mountain driveway.  Sipping wine from their large deck looking down at their twin ponds, one can only want to find a comfortable place to put your feet up and enjoy the day.  A chocolate fountain is always a hit with the kids and the mango chutney chicken skewers were just the thing for a light lunch (the portions were more than a sampling).  As much as we could spend the afternoon soaking in the relaxing atmosphere, we needed to continue down the trail and complete our tour.  On the way out, the kids remembered to say their goodbyes to the wineries mascot and "guard dog", a large, hulking beast about as intimidating as a kitten.
            A short run out of the mountains brought us into the farm country of Pennsylvania.  The steep roads filled with switchbacks and hidden homesteads gave way to rolling fields, endless horizons, and old stone farmhouses.  It is in one of these old farm buildings that Pinnacle Ridge makes its home.  The red barn is covered in hex signs and the lower level has been converted into a tasting room.  The room is cool and dark even in summer and the rough hewn exposed beams lend a rustic feel to the "sophisticated" endeavor of wine tasting.  The kids loved the Moo Shoo chicken and plum sauce and I had the unenviable task of pulling my three girls back into the sunny day, and the truck, to seek out our next destination.  The miles between our stops may be getting shorter but so is the day and we have only made it half way to our goal.

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