Thursday, March 29, 2012

Amore & Franklin Hills -- The Final Two

            Time was running short on our whirlwind day.  The clock was quickly closing in on 5:00.  We scooted down the highway, through some mall traffic, and back on to the winding single lanes.  We arrived at Amore with an hour left until closing.  Amore is a strange little place, sort of out of the way but not in the same cute manner as the rest of the trail.  They are lost in a growing development meets industrial area, a no-man's land type of neighborhood.  The building is villa-like with a small vineyard alongside the parking lot plunked right on the side of the road.  There is not much in the way of scenery or seating.  This might be the least favorite stop for me but my wife never lets me skip it.  She loves the friendly folks that reside there and loves the wine even more.  Another chicken dish, another white wine and we're off, with another pair of bottles to add to the growing stock in the back of the truck.
            The last stop is the entire family's favorite.  A little gem tucked away off the beaten path.  It is not very easy to find.   And we make it with only 15 minutes to spare. You could miss the driveway if you're not paying close attention.  It is the quintessential Lehigh Valley winery.  It has views, a deck to take in the views, plenty of parking, excellent hosts, a great variety of wines, plenty of relaxing atmosphere, and a peacock.  If you don't miss the entrance, take the mile long, one lane, dirt driveway through the crop fields past the woodlot, stay to the left, and, as you get to the downhill slope, find parking on the grass across from the welcoming doors of the tasting room.  As always, the final weekend is for desserts and sweet wines, both of which my wife lugs back to the truck in armfuls.  Her stash for the year has now overwhelmed the back of the truck and some of the bottles need to be tucked under the seats.  She has just enough to get her through until next March when she has an excuse to do it all over again.

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