Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be My Valentine

            It is the day after that special day.  The most romantic of days, devoted to flowers and candy and fine dining.  It is a day that sees weddings and proposals, babies born and babies conceived, and overflowing happiness.  This special day also sees it's fair share of arguments and disappointment, mostly from the forgetfulness of one of the contributing parties.  Lovely gestures and words abound, however, to ultimately win the day.
            What makes this day so special, the thought, the meaning, the emotion?  Does not the day come down to the person we celebrate it with?  And, if that person is truly worth celebrating, then should Valentine's Day not be everyday?
            I do not hold this most lovely of days in very high esteem.  I feel everyday you have with the people that you hold dear in your life is a day worth celebrating.  You should never allow the time with those special people to slip by.  Your feelings cost nothing but are worth the world, do not hold them close.  Shout the words to the sky, to the heart, to your love.  Your time is worth even more than that.  Time can not be caught.  It marches forever forward.  It is the most precious commodity of all and to waste it is criminal.  Spend it dearly with those held in your heart.
            Every day should be Valentine's Day.  True love does not need to be marked on the calendar.   The heart does not need an alarm clock to be reminded of it's feelings.  Each chance to say "I love you" or "I care" should be a special moment and should happen always.  If the heart needs to be reminded, if the words need to be scheduled, if a person needs to be told when to feel, can it truly be love?
            The day I said "Will you marry me?" is the day I asked my wife to "Be my Valentine", not just on February 14th but always.   That day was nearly 15 years ago and I still have not forgotten Valentine's Day.  It is every day and it should be.

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