Tuesday, October 18, 2011


            They call to me, always.  Everywhere I see them, hanging, framed, unframed, in bags, in shoe boxes.  Pictures.  Some may say I am obsessed with photographs, and more importantly so, the devices with which to take them.  I change cameras as quickly as some people change cell phones.  My ailment has had a hold on me, however, for many more years.  It originated with 35mm and little black plastic cases.  That technology seems ancient, almost prehistoric, nowadays.  It progressed through APS, 1.3 megapixel behemoths the size of VCR's, mini CD's, 5 megapixel pocket cameras, all the way to a 14 mp Sony Alpha.  I finally had to stop there for now due to money and storage constraints.  The cameras just seemed to pile up, but they were and are used incessantly.
            This is one obsession my wife wholeheartedly supports.  Most of her childhood passed without any record.  The few remaining remembrances have been lost to family movement.  She holds dear the rare pieces of her past that have been saved.  She protects them dearly, hiding them away, those lonely memories hardly ever see the sun.  With the foundation of our family, she has vowed to never allow her children to grow up without being able to look back fondly and hold their youth in their hands.  And so, I have been tasked with catching their youth on any media available.  If I do not have some kind of camera in hand, then she is right beside me with a backup.
            It has become second nature now to carry a camera, to throw the camera bag in the truck.  I try to save all the little moments when no one is looking.  Several years ago, when my kids started school, the teacher asked me to write something about what makes my children special.  It was an easy enough assignment, all I had to do was look around the room at all the memories already made in their short time with us.  That assignment got me to thinking and I found a photo, added some words, and created a memento for my kids to remember those early school days.  This was my thought,

"Time goes quick and each moment needs to be caught and shared and kept special.
Because yesterday was diapers and today is already gone and tomorrow,
in their eyes, is forever, but in ours, it's only a few hours away.
This is one of those moments and catching it is rare
and holding on to it nearly impossible.
But, hopefully, there will be more chances to try...
because my children are incredible and my time with them a blessing."

  Never waste today spending your tomorrows,
 greedily hold the moments as if each is special,
 because it is.
 I try to catch every second.  They call to me, always. 

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